Vision & Mission


The Vision of Kamala Nehru College (KNC) is to provide transformative education to young women thereby leading to the growth and development of an egalitarian society. A women‘s college, named after one of the women visionaries of modern India, KNC reflects the essence of a free nation. It envisions shaping young women into environment conscious, responsible and empowered individuals capable of being just, humane and visionary citizens. The gamut of the college-vision includes nurturing unbiased women citizens of the world who promote education, are well- equipped to meet global challenges, respect human rights, practice non-discrimination and non-violence, achieve gender equality and are sensitized to community service.


The Mission of the college is to nurture the minds and souls of students offering them adequate opportunities so that they develop into empowered and emancipated women equipped to face the challenges of life and be the pillars of strength of the community.


To foster good practice by promulgating knowledge/intellectual property beyond the classroom teaching-learning process, through faculty and    student research projects and programmes.

To promote teamwork and collaborative learning amongst stakeholders of the college.

To encourage interactions and collaboration with other academic bodies and the industry.

To remain consistent in providing a platform and environment to young women so that they leave the portals of the institution as environment-    conscious, high calibre, empowered citizens of the country.

To be one of the highly preferred choices for students, faculty and administrative staff.

To periodically revisit our learning eco-system so as to function in complete tandem with both social and technology-driven transformations.

To provide a safe and encouraging environment where all concerned can realize their own potential while helping others to do so as well.

To develop skills necessary to thrive in a world of continuous and accelerating change through multidisciplinary approach, information
   gathering, inquiry and critical thinking, data analysis and the rational use of media and technology.

To remain deeply committed to achieve our green vision to see KNC as a green campus capable of being a fully sustainable campus in the    University.

To pedagogically facilitate student transitions to higher levels of communicative proficiency as well as analytical competence especially with respect
   to textual and socio-cultural formations.

To prepare students to be responsible, questioning citizens and to productively contribute to the college community and the society outside.